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Motor Oils

Engine Protection for Your Car and Truck

Chevron motor oils are designed to meet the performance specifications and temperature requirements for all of today's passenger car and truck engines. They are blended using only premium quality paraffinic base oils and additives designed to keep engines clean and protected against wear.

To meet your special driving needs, Chevron offers different grades of Chevron Supreme:

Multigrade Motor Oils
5W-20       5W-30      10W-30      10W-40      20W-50

Single Grade Motor Oils
SAE 30       SAE 40

Chevron Delo® 400 Multigrade Heavy Duty Motor Oil

With Chevron's Delo® 400 Multigrade heavy duty motor oil, you're using an industry-leading, premium-quality, "universal" engine oil that exceeds the performance requirements of naturally aspirated, turbocharged and supercharged diesel and gasoline engines. It provides outstanding protection in existing and new engines, using low or normal sulfur fuels. It is unsurpassed in soot dispersancy, wear protection and sludge control to guard against loss of engine life and to help reduce fuel and oil consumption.

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